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The basil of the Nufar variety is the first variety of this aromatic herb. It has an intense green color on its stem and leaves, which are medium in size. When the plant matures, white tipped flowers grow on the top of the stem. It has an intense aroma that makes it perfect for culinary recipes. In addition, it has high medicinal properties, especially for its high content of essential oils.


The basil of the Opal variety is purple and has leaves with jagged edges. The color intensifies with maturity, although it is also normal to observe green leaves. This hybrid basil variety has a slightly strong anise flavor, with soft notes of ginger and a powerful aroma. It is used for culinary recipes, not only for its flavor and aroma, but also to give different shades due to its color.


The basil of the Thai variety has purple stems, which offer a nice contrast to the light green leaves. The leaves are aromatic and have a strong spicy flavor with touches of licorice. Some varieties have larger leaves, and some have a purple hue. When the plant matures, lavender tips and dark purple flowers grow on top of the stems, while the flowers share the same properties of the leaves.

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